Welcome to Sedgley Archives Project test website!
    Our Project aims to bring together information about Sedgley that has been collected for exhibitions over the past 7 years, focussing on 16 main topics:
    We have developed 12 main themes which we'll be exploring in the coming months at our Cafe Reminiscence sessions. 
    In addition, we aim to gather new information and insights on these themes through a pilot programme of 'Reminiscence Cafes'.
    We have already held several of these, and after a break for the summer, will continue at community venues in Sedgley in the autumn of 2018. 
    We are very grateful to the Midcounties Cooperative Community Fund for their support which has enabled us to run this pilot project and thereby explore the most effective ways of presenting and archiving the material we collect.  
    Some work we have done for exhibitions and events that have led to the pilot project: 
    Year by Year - personal reminiscences of Sedgley people covering the years 1952-2012 were collected for our 2012 exhibition 'Sedgley's Diamond 60' that celebrated Her Majesty the Queen's 60 years on the throne:
    Dudley Street and High Street
    As we go along, we are adding comments of local people about the people who worked in the shops and lived in the houses in the two main roads passing through the village. 
    Ron Baker's drawings of Sedgley High Street
    The Lost Grand Houses of Sedgley.  
    After a summer break, we will continue our sessions from late September 2018. 


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